New Year & Updates

First off, we would like to apologize for falling off with the blog posts during the tour, but we are back and ready to go!

Recapping a little, the tour ended just as well as the last one with Mark Battles. Hym has returned to LA and hasn’t skipped a beat, LITERALLY.

Since being back in LA, Hym has found out that he produced the whole EP “The Elephant Room” for Shawn Atkins. One placement down for 2019! Once again, Hym is back out west networking and mastering his craft.

Bringing in the New Year, Hym released his latest single “Water.” Is there a visual on the way? Make sure you follow Hym and 2 Authentic Music Group on all social media accounts to get the latest updates on any new videos and music coming out! You don’t want to miss!

Lots of content will be coming your way this year and I hope you all are ready!

Thank you again for your love and support!

2 Authentic Music Group


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