Hym (Kwame Johnson), is wrecking on the streets and in the cyber world. Born June 23, 1990. The Rapper/Producer/Songwriter/ has thousands of hits on YouTube.

Hym hails from Indianapolis, IN and has been making his own beats and rapping since the age of 14. Hym|Himself. 2011 was a breakout year in the young rapper’s career with YouTube plays sky rocketing and downloads jumping on and

Years later he begin to really climb on twitter and instagram with a following with over 10k combine. Dropping mixtapes like Ticket and Passport and Divine purpose. Hes next project “Premonition” will be online as early as June 2017.
His website, gets between 5,000 and 15,000 hits a month, his Facebook page ( has over a 2,000 Likes. His Twitter profile (@andimhym) is continually growing with 8k plus followers. You can also find Hym on with a staggering amount of digital downloads. Check him out! You will not be disappointed. @andimhym