New Year & Updates

First off, we would like to apologize for falling off with the blog posts during the tour, but we are back and ready to go!

Recapping a little, the tour ended just as well as the last one with Mark Battles. Hym has returned to LA and hasn’t skipped a beat, LITERALLY.

Since being back in LA, Hym has found out that he produced the whole EP “The Elephant Room” for Shawn Atkins. One placement down for 2019! Once again, Hym is back out west networking and mastering his craft.

Bringing in the New Year, Hym released his latest single “Water.” Is there a visual on the way? Make sure you follow Hym and 2 Authentic Music Group on all social media accounts to get the latest updates on any new videos and music coming out! You don’t want to miss!

Lots of content will be coming your way this year and I hope you all are ready!

Thank you again for your love and support!

2 Authentic Music Group


Tour Life Update

Hym knocked out his first show on tour in Denver, CO at The Roxy Theater! It was lit! Thank you for everyone coming out and supporting! The love was real that night.

Back on the road to Boise, ID for his next show and it’s going to be just as lit! If you’re in Boise come turn up with Hym and Mark Battles with the Vasi Gang!! Hym will also be in Portland, OR showing love on tour.

After the Boise show Hym will be in Santa Barbara, CA! If you’re in Cali mark your calendars and come out and show some love!!

New merch and music this tour, also you can get the new merch at We did a beautiful collab with The Fresh Culture clothing line and you don’t want to miss it!!!

Thank you for all your love & support!!


2 Authentic Music Group


New Merch!

2 Authentic & The Fresh Culture clothing lines have finally collaborated!

We will have the new merch with us on tour and it will also be available online to order at:

➡️ ⬅️

We have any size, style, colors & more!! Follow 2 Authentic Merch & The Fresh Culture Clothing lines on all social media platforms!! 🔥🔥


2 Authentic & The Fresh Culture

New Music & More!

New Single “I Know It” just released on all music platforms!! Hym never fails! Another fire single🔥🔥

Dropping the new single was right on time, as Hym is about to hit the road for tour! His first show on The Fortunate Tour will be 11/09/18 in Denver, CO at The Roxy Theater.

Tickets are available online now at:

Please go show your love and support by sharing, liking, reposting, streaming, downloading, etc…


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Official Tour Dates

We finally have the tour dates Hym will be on with Mark Battles on The Fortunate Tour!!

11.09.18 Denver, CO

11.14.18 Boise, ID

11.23.18 Santa Barbara, CA

11.24.18 Tucson, AZ

11.25.18 Mesa, AZ

Be on the lookout for Hym in your city!!

New merchandise and music from Hym will be coming your way this tour as well!!

The Fortunate Tour

It’s finally time!! Hym will be joining Mark Battles and the Vasi Gang again on tour! Be on the lookout for 2 Authentic and Fly America in your city!! It’s lit!!

Hym will begin performing for the tour in Salt Lake City. Get your tickets now!!

Tour Dates W/ Hym

11.10.18 Salt Lake City, UT

11.14.18 Boise, ID

11.23.18 Santa Barbara, CA

11.24.18 Tucson, AZ

11.25.18 Mesa, AZ

Come out and show some love!!

The Fortunate Tour

Tour Dates are finally released!!

Be on the lookout for Hym in your city!! We are still looking for anyone wanting to intern, DJ, help with merch and be on the street team!!

Tickets are on sale now!!

*Specific dates Hym will be on will be released soon*


As many of you saw before, back in March, Hym went on the Vasi World Tour with Mark Battles. Hym will be touring again with Mark Battles this fall. Tour dates should be posted soon. Let us know if we will be hitting your city!!

Fans will be able to hear some new music from Hym while on tour, as well as getting some new merch and more from 2 Authentic Music Group.

Tour dates should be released soon!

Hym is also looking for anyone who would like to intern, DJ, and be apart of the team. Serious inquiries only. You can inquire through social media or website. Please email:

Latest Music

Remember to cop Hym’s last mixtape “Coma” and his newest album “Power & Secret” on all music platforms. Also stream and download on all music platforms.

Since Hym, has moved to California he has been cooking up new records here and there, but mostly has been focusing on his production lately. Hym plans to get his own studio soon and possibly take a hiatus so he can bring his fans some new Cali music. Cali vibes all the way.

Be on the lookout for updates on music, merch, and more about Hym and 2 Authentic Music Group here on the website and on all social media. It’s 2 Authentic!




Always working in the lab. Right now working on some new beats! Email 2authenticmusicgroup@gmail for serious inquiries.

You can also DM is on IG @2authenticmusicgroup or DM Hym personally on IG @andimhym.